Sunday, June 3, 2012

Buncha stuff from tha last month

i while ago at the dunes i was trying to jump this, i went way too fast and ended up landing on the last 4 feet of transition. turns out i totally cracked my frame and finally on a trip to sloquet hotsprings it broke right open and oil leaked everywhere. this is pottie crashing on the same dune dude.
had to swap frames the night before a ride and tory helped til 2 am

visiting some friends who are living in a cabin in squamish

many chill outs and dusty dudes


this weekend we went up harrison lake to try and soak in the clear creek hotsprings. This was my friend Drews first trip

about half hour from the springs an avalanche had totally covered the road and made it impassible 

the way home was much muddier 



  1. nice long exposures!! Who is the mud man? T

  2. That's the bone, nes pas? Stock T fenders can suck a dick. I'm always getting a mean case of mud face.