Sunday, June 3, 2012

F U- 4 SPEED, mojo time

These 4 speed trannys on the 500's,  can be tricky. The slector forks are different lengths, but only by 1/8 or so, and it's tough to find specific instructions in the manual for his. I cranked down my gear box cover and my sprocket would seize up. Don't know... I think having the selector forks swaped, was the ticket. I was not getting a full range on my selector plate, thus when I cranked her down, the selector plate was binding up and putting some pressure on my main shaft, hence the seize. Mitch hootie and my self got down to business, and addressed this problem, problem solved, and my tranny is back in a buttoned up! Me and Goth put the mag on, and me and Hootie timed her the other night. I had never used that crank pin (tdc) tool, handy tool. My crank had the hole for 38 deg before tdc, and the tdc hole as well. The technique for timing the motor was very complex, Mitch Hootie put a rag onto his head soaked in brake clean and red lock tight, then started adjusting the points gap using only his mind. Never seen anything like it, it's an older technique that was not in any manual.
Myk has my tank,front loop, rear section, and oil bag, looking forward to the finished product. SC RIDER...

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