Sunday, June 10, 2012

-Soiled Panties-

Not sure how many people look at this blog of ours. Reading our shitty spelling, horrific grammer and run on sentences. I want you all to know, I don't always try my best on the spelling tip. I'm going to blame this on my out of date brouser. My computer has been giving me warnings for years to up date brousers and up load all this shit. Well my brouser is about 7 years old and It seems not to have a spell check function. So it hampers my creative writing skills and dumbs me down, thus I tend to olny spell words that I am comfortable with, and even then I still write in fear!
This was just on my mind, I did not roll this weekend, got my paint back from Mr. Myk and he did a killer job! Will post a pic or two, but don't want to give her away before the show. Front end is on, swing arm and rear hoop is on as well. Super Stoked, Super Stoked!!
Random: Love this Knuck! East Bay Dragons book.

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