Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Me and Beau a few years ago, trying to fix Lisa's 350 honda. A year before this photo was taken, me and Lisa had tried to take a trip up to Hope. Her motor had punched a hole in the piston and shot a massive burst of oil into the pipe, blowing the baffle right through the side of her muffler, and spraying her, me and every car on the highway with oil. The plume of smoke coming from her little 350 was impressive, i couldn't even see her. That was attempt number 1 for this honda. That trip changed course and we later got my friend Dave to fix the motor, new piston..bla bla.

The 350 was back and ready for more action. We were heading towards Hope and Lisa's bike starts popping fuses. After some trouble shooting and hunting every store in Hope, the eve before Canada day, we found some fuses...i think i bought 20, we had used 3 in hope alone. Wires were shorting out, fixed no prob, then her kick stand wanted to fall down when she was cornering...fixed, then her muffler starts to fall apart. The only place open on Canada day was this antique shop and we needed hose clamps. I found one but it was part of this old antique jig saw, and the guy would not sell me just the hose clamp. After buying a 20 dollar hose clamp, and finding some cans we could cut up..........fixed. The next day we made it to a lordco and bought that muffler tape that has a catalyst in it, it's fiberglass tape, and when you start up your bike the heat from the pipes, makes the tape set and it hardens up. It patched a hole about as big as a beer can, i believe we also stuffed an entire pack of steel wool into that exhaust as well.
That 350 always started though, and my old lady packed the kitchen sink, plus some. T.L.

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