Thursday, March 10, 2011

"You just bought yourself a sickle"

The Nugget
What can I say, great folk!
It was cold waking up that morning, FMMC

Andrew and Ashley talking about my purchase
Nice ass
Recently I had my 93 dodge cummins stolen, it ended up on pipeline road in Stanley park.  I will just say it must have got a little air and kissed a tree or two.  So I got paid out for it.  The next day I stumbled onto an add for a stock 68 fl full dresser in North West MT.  I called the guy right away to see if he still had it, he said it was still there so I told him i might be coming down to check it out.  I quickly realized I was jumping the gun and that it would not be wise to to blow my dough on an old bagger, or was it?  I let the idea fade away until I had totally forgotten about it.  About two weeks after I had originally called him I decided to file my income taxes, I was in for a surprise, I has getting a healthy chunk back from The Man this year.  The seed had already been plant in my mind, as soon as I could, I called to see if you the bike was still there, it was.  It wasn't more than 36 hours and I was in Wolf D's Yota at 7 PM heading for the boarder.  I brought my little Staffy Clover and some snacks.  We plowed all the way to Bonners Ferry ID, which is about an hour and a bit away from where I was going to buy the bike.  It was about 4 AM when I rolled into this little town just south of Alberta by about an hour.  It was minus 5 I think, so I found a parking lot and laid down on the bench seat with the Nugget and we slept until 7 AM.  I grabbed a bite to eat and a coffee and then asked the lady serving me what she knew about Yaak MT?  She said "Well there ain't much up there, you might wanna fuel up here."  So with that information I headed towards the state line.  I eventually had to turn North and head towards what seemed on the map to be no mans land.  The guy didn't give me his address, he just told me the name of the town he lived in.  I was getting close to his place I thought, but I couldn't call him because I hadn't had cell service in about 60 miles.  I stopped at some guys house in Yaak and asked if I could use his phone, he was nice enough to let me do so.  I call Mike up and tell him I am in Yaak, he tells me he just lives 5 houses up.  I realized when i got to his house that 5 houses up was over a mile.  The roads were covered in snow and so was everything else, it was a nice place with barely anyone to bug you.  I pulled into the driveway and it was just how you would imagine it to be, the guy had a gravy beard, he had a huge old garage and lots of old junk.  So he takes me in the garage and shows me the bike, I instantly fall in love with it, it's totally O.G. except for a few small things.  It even has a stock cigarette lighter on the dash.  Stored away he has everything the bike came with, pogo seat, wind screen, fiberglass bags (all 3) and he had a bunch of other extras around.  After we got it going we went in tot he house and he introduced me to his Lady.  They were some great people and knew how to treat a guest in their home, they even let my terrier fly around inside the house.  So we all sat down at the table and started talking price, it wasn't long before we worked out a fair deal.  It was hard to see the old man sign over his old harley, but he was happy to see it go to someone who was very excited about the bike.  I promised him I would change a thing.  He told his Old Lady to roll one up and then we had a beer to celebrate.  After the dealings and the celebrations they invited me and anyone I ride with to come down and stay anytime, no questions asked.  The old man didn't think I would be able to fit the bike and all the parts in the back of the Yota, I told him "I'm not here for a fucking vacation" and so then after a few attempts and a few tumbles on the ice the 68 was loaded and I was strapping it down.  I said my good bye's  and told them I would be back sometime or another.  I was running on little sleep but I was feeling great, I chugged along back towards Van at an okay pace, I had some issues at the boarder (of course) and by midnight on Tuesday I was home.  I had been gone for a total of 29 hours.  Well that's the story of how I got the ol' girl home.  It's like riding a super sweet sea cow, I guess that's how I would explain it.  potsandpans


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  2. which filthmoder owns this amazing machine! more pics please... orrrr... roll by the shop and show it off!

  3. Chris, nice score, great story! He was at the shop last night, with Ash.

  4. Really great story. I am from that area, just on the Canadian side. I like hearing about bikes like that kicking around where I grew up.

  5. why is it a mystery ?........nice bike .......good times !

  6. great flicks and story man....the legend of the bike continues! does she have a name yet?