Friday, March 18, 2011

It's in the name?

I have been working on that Triumph T100c motor, it's for my wife. Sense my bike was deemed the mind melter, I'm going to call her bike the pussy melter or... the magic bean or onion ring titty's, or T100C with wings/ heavy flow or greasy bean, or bean slicer, or clit lord, leather labia, iron clit, or... sit on it? I'm still working on the name. I did not take any photos of me putting it back together, because it all seemed pretty standard issue. I assembled the crank, new sludge trap, new connecting rod bearings, cleaned all the fuzz off from the polisher and bolted the bottom end back together. The cams that i got ground, came out nice and slipped right in no prob. I did come across one issue, on your intake cam shaft, the end of your cam that is closest to your primary. It is supposed to have a breather disc and spring, thus making it easier for that end of your cam to stay nice and oiled up. When i took my motor apart this little part was missing in action. Before i bolted my cases back up, i bought these parts and checked if the fit for the breather disc and spring and to my surprise, it lifted my cam shaft to high, and would of made it impossible for my timing gears to function.  I did some research and in the T100c, that tail end of the cam shaft is vented and oiled through a hole in the case, as your crank spins and throws oil. I just wanted to share this info with my fellow nerds. I have a T100R motor and it has the breather and spring, and it's a 500 as well, most things are the exact same with both motors... I don't have any photos to go with this post so I'm going to see if i can find you something. TL.
I scrapped the king and Queen and went with this jizz blanket, i added the trim, and have clipons coming in the mail.

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