Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Drunken piss master?

I bought this bike 2 years ago at the Tawassen swap. Paid my buddy Dean some cash, (fair price) and had a fun Triumph 500 project on my hands. As soon as i bought this bike, i wanted to finish it on the cheep, just get it done, learn some shit and get on the road. I tore into this bike and as soon as i did, i wanted to replace parts, up grade parts that the bike came with, really just throw some cash at my bike.
When you start a project you will always spend more money on your bike, then if you were to buy it complete and change certain parts out, but sticking with the basics, wheels, motor, frame. Part of what i love about working on old bikes is the learning process. Getting your hands dirty, opening up a manual and taking shit apart. Having tons of zip lock plastic bags all labeled with little nuts and bolts, with random notes scribbled on little pieces of paper and thrown into the same bags, to become saturated with oil. Some hobbies are cheep, and working on old motorcycle shit is one of those hobbies that ain't.  For myself, my hobbies are worth every penny. Throwing cash at a project will always be a blast. When i started this bike up, a year after buying it, and heard it come to life. Tears did come, but from the wind in my face rolling on my bike!
Good Times Bro!!! ...T.L....


  1. all i gotta say is" wow " bro .......!i wish a kept it now ...!...i never dreamed it would be this rad ! i wish the dude i got it off could see it now !........glad it went to a good home ..i hate selling stuff !......but i see i did the right thing .....

  2. Kind words bro, will come by your house this summer and do a burnout...got to finish up that seat with Curtis before April...thanks for selling it to me, glad you did!

  3. you did the right thing mother.....ty pimped your ex ride!


  4. dude! that thing is fucking awesome! good job