Monday, March 28, 2011


We were off to Monroe, got a late start and decided to drive down Sat night. I hop in my truck and realize i have been driving for the last 22 days with no insurance. I thought maby i should just roll, and say fuck it, but i didn't want to push my luck. I stop at a insurance place, and am late getting to Ashleys. I open that garage door and find Will and Ashley barley visible through the cloud of weed smoke and Ashley says something like " fuck the man we gotta get high before we hit the US" it was hard to hear him over the gangster rap blaring.
I have to drop a tank and fender off to Mike Rock in Langley. We have some beers at a Mexican food place, talk about how expensive shit is now and how ebay is fucked. We go into detail about charging systems/ 6v/12v/ rebuilt generators, triple clamps for wide glides, linkert air cleaners, and make fun of the couple next to us with matching helmets. He had a scorpion on his and she had a butterfly!
At the boarder, we are stopped and searched! We walk into the shitty customs building and see a dude getting his eye balls scanned, it looks like a rat cut his hair and he has no shoes on, just socks, and bandages all over his fingers..took the heat off of us with ease. We make it through, next stop is beer, then Monroe. We pull into Monroe and find where the swap is going to be. We then decide to get a cheep motel and hit the bar. Motel was cheep bar was closed, swap was awesome! We got to the swap early after a shit breakfast from dennys. We did get a coffee from a spot called cowgirl coffee. It's a drive through little espresso shack/ porno shack. The girl working in a bra and panties, with signs that say no photos...we went there twice!
The Monroe swap was good, fair prices and LOTS of good parts!
This was just to fucking amazing, our motel was high class to say the least....

Barn fresh...

Anderson pegs- pet cockus-pan lever- oil gauges-weed eater..broken but fixable...
rusty pan tanks, fish tail pipes, oil bag...bla bla..if you get the chance to go next year...I would.


  1. You guys scored good.I didn't dig too hard.I only saw one pan lever but it was nice.On the way back:Me:"I should have dug a bit more."
    OL:"Are you fucking kidding me??"

  2. I dug pretty hard, i got Will that penis cover, the broken weed eater was a huge find for me..pretty much the high light! We had to leave the swap by 11am, because me and Ash had a baby shower to go to. Swap=awesome/baby shower=awesome +beers. You going to Skadget it's the day before Twassen ....spelling? Another ABATE swap on April 10th as well, Portland chapter?

  3. Yeah might.It's closer than Monroe.Cross your fingers for more penis covers.