Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I fucking love swap meets, fuck you ebay, yes fuck you! Swappen is where it's at! Meeting all these old crusty bikers, hearing great story's, and buying parts from real people. Getting to hold the part you are about to buy, hearing the story behind it and getting it for a fair price. Me and Ashley drove down to Skadget on Sat, sailed through the boarder and walked around in a muddy field looking at motorcycle shit for a few hours. Ashley was excited to talk to this old guy for about an hour, about old Ford 12 spoke cast 15inch rims. This guy new his shit, and his hole deal was wheels, his life was wheels, depressing and really cool at the same time. I scored an old suitcase with sturgis stickers on it from the 70's that looked like it had fallen of the back of every bike it had traveled on.
The Vancouver swap was great. In proper swap form, we all met at Duffins in the morning and then hit the road. Always good to see all of the crew at swap time...i only took a few photos. TL
Ashley was in top form, and we saw the NFMC crew..they were heading to super cross in Seattle
RIP- Main st. Duffins...
Virago took best in show.
This guy was so great, he told us how he would stop and cut up road kill and eat it. But when the fire ban was going on. He would have to drive really long distances with chunks of meat on his bike because of the fire ban. He said sometime he would have to drive so far the meat would go bad chilling on his bike. I thought i was a cool biker...this dude stops when he sees a nice road kill, cuts a nice chunk of meat off that puppy and that's supper. I just stop for gas, or to go swimming, or to eat at a restaurant.....sometime i stop if i see a crazy dead animal to take a photo, but never to chow. TL

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