Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I made some forward controlls for my triumph last week. I made them come straight out from my front motor mounts. I had welded these up last year just to get me by, and get my bike on the road, but i could slowly feel them bending. I was heel shifting and after a day of riding in the city my heel would be killing me. I used some old harley linkage that i had found at a swap, my old motor mounts, and welded some twisted stock onto them and added some triangulation on the top side of the pegs, so it would be harder to bend my motor mount. I made a fresh bung on the lathe, so that the old bushing in the linkage i had would fit nice and snug. I welded that peice to an old peice of chrome scrap, and my forwards were coming together. I took an old shift lever and ground it down so it slid right into the chrome housing that held the bushing. Ground the chrome back and welded it all up.
I made a list today of things i still need to do to my bike, it's funy how when you start riding a bike you just forget about all the shit that makes your bike safe. Next on the list is hook up my front brake, mount my seat, head steady mounts, fuck.......i could go on all day. Will post a flick when i get these back from chrome, should be this week. TL.

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