Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ready for the new shop! Or are we?

Apparently we secured 3000 square feet in the east side, but the the question is, ARE WE READY TO MAKE THE MOVE?  We have shit stuffed in every god damned place that is humanly possible.  It's also hard to see our stuff go somewhere else, just have a look what we have stuffed into Wolf Dick's Garage.  Let's play a game like Where's Waldo?  Where is the 60 weight? Where is the Cone Shovel?  Where is the mint 76 XT tank?  Where is the Buddy Seat?  Where is the 8 Over Wide Glide Front End?  Where is the Clarke Dessert Tank?  Oh and check my Gen Shovel on its way to being road worthy!  NO COPS and NO DICK MOVES (rule # 1)