Friday, April 8, 2011


I love Halloween, i always say I'm going to do this and that and make the biggest costume ever and throw the best party and bla bla. I still wait last minute every year....except a few. I have always really liked Mike Giant's tattoo work, as well as his graffiti. So for a few years in a row i would use his book for reference and copy one of his skulls for my house. For this year i believe it was 2008, i went with the HOUSE of DEATH theme. Ashley made i flip top coffin in the front yard, Beau was this crazy elf running around the roof, Darcy was this realistic tree costume, with leaves and bark and twigs all over his body, he was really scary. We had witches and ghouls and scared kids. It's so rad when you see a parent ushering her little super man towards our front door, only to see Ashley come out of the ground and latch onto the parents leg. As super man turns and spots his parent screaming in horror, the tears were just non stop. As super man starts to cry in fear and the parent says "wow, ok that's enough guys" and non of us break character. If you made it to the door, you were rewarded, if you didn't NO TREAT FOR YOU!  ~tl~


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  2. The House of Death was insane....soooo many crying children! bone thugs