Monday, April 4, 2011


Here are a few flicks from the season opener this Sunday. The rain held off till the end of the day, and few people rolled out. Mark rolled his pan, Norm brought the sweet stock RD, Keddie finished up his Yellow MX dirt bike, Ashley brought his shovel, Jeff had his new shovel, with a fresh paint job by Chris and a new king and queen seat. I rolled my triumph, rolled not..rode my triumph, Curtis finished up my seat, and Myke Rock brought my tank and i went from zero to hero and won best in show and walked away with a Rouge shirt and a sweet flask with a  hand leather tooled cover done by Rob of NFMC. Andrew won most wobbly XT, Ashley won biggest oil leak! Lots of XT'S as well, lots of free food, beer and crazy looking dogs. Thanks NFMC & ROUGE!


  1. Nice ride Ty.Let me know if you're gonna do the PDX swap.I'll tell you my go to spots.