Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Filthy flat #3, 12:30am friday night

Here is what another typical ride looks like for us these days. Record setting 5 flat repairs one roll. Pictured here is T-manistan using the kickstand lean technique, made famous on the KVR by little Ty.

 Mitch hooties bottom line: two tire iron, both 21 and 18 inch spare tubes, patch kit, hand pump, soap, and a stop watch.  Little Tys under 30 mins is still tops for us amatueres. It has become a ritual of our club to enjoy our flats now as we are prepared. Without endurance you will never win at enduro. Mitchie

ps. high noon scramble has a new location; even dirtier than before.............over a car, kicker to drywall, shantytown whoops, and more.  Sunday September 25th

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