Monday, September 26, 2011

everyones a winner.

What a perfect end to another Filthy summer of adventure and bromance: High Noon #3. Darren of the NFMC was the solo/ monoshock winner of the day completeing 9 effortless laps to victory, seen here enjoying a pre race donut. Oren is the best XT rider in the history of all XT riders anywhere, ever. The amateur XT team of raf, bone and mitchi took the twin shock team category: slow and steady. DFL was Stu and skinny pete, who still have a lap to complete. Best pants: chris w, and best overall dressed: Tyler Lepore once again with his Red,White and Blue leather one piece. Hot dogs and club cookies by Atlin. Awesome "LOSER MACHINE" prizes brought by Torie. And a challenging scramble course set up by Bone and Mitchi left many satisfied dirt enthusiasts.

Thanks to everyone who makes this the funnest motorcycle day of the year for us; and our trusty, rusty XTeam.................. Mitchi

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