Monday, September 12, 2011

mitchies 911 birthday "twin tires"

things got off to a rough start, ol'dirty curt and tory try to figure out how to fix three holes with two patches. it was going to be a long night and still had to ride 100 km to spence's bridge. 

this is the birthday boyz sleeping spot on night one.

we had a second flat on torman's bike, we loaded his gear and wheel on mitchies bike and he rode 2 up with jah bon....oh ya then 2 of 4 of us ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. curt and bone made a fun for gas leaving the other two of the group the bake in the sun. picturing cuba and mexico they said

lilT tried to ride to china

lilT not only caught this beauty but invented the "module"for storing fish in ice with handy roadside supplies. This was his present for mitchie

flat tires 4 and 5 happened on the same day in ashcroft. 

mitchie up on one
dudes got wild and had a blast, ashcroft is great camping and riding. surf it climb it and air it.
the flirt, fatty to flatty

dudes chill hard!

someone says nasa did a bunch of testing in this lake. we did some aqua poop testing (not pictured)

the view on our camping spot.

we came back down the duffy.


bone w/ lilT


  1. you guys should do a course on outback tyre fixin'

  2. i posted a couple more photos up on my blogger


    the link