Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TL and potts updates.........

Tyler came by the house today for a beer, his truck is full of temper glass panels for his place on the sunshine coast. My airstream trailer is in " the dopest spot ever" , and Ty has been living on the property milling wood and salvaging supplies. He is working hard with his brothers and uncle during the day and smoking weed and building models of the post and beam cabin  at night. Looks super dope.  Gus finally started on the bottom end of Tylers :"MANs PAN"  for born free 4, where the rabbit wins raddest dude ever. Chris phoned from halifax and told me about what "freedom" is about.  Atlin came home, and Potts is headed for the Gypsy Run party thursday. Another 500 miles then a few days to kill then off to New York, for the Invitational Sept17. See you in Brooklyn buddy(seat). .......Mitchi

Ps.I will see you filthy bastards in Boston Bar friday night.wd