Friday, September 9, 2011

A fire side moment is a beautiful thing. You get to have some nice face to face time with your friends, conversate, drink, smoke. I love that camp fire smell your clothing has in the morning, although sometime it makes me want to throw up, depending on what i put in my body the night before. I love collecting wood away from the fire. Especially when the fire has been established for a few hours and it's nice and hot. I like looking back from the woods and being surrounded by nothing but black and stars. I find it to be a gauge on how fucked up you are. Your eyes have been looking at this nice bright light for the last hour or so, and then you wonder them into the black canopy of the forest, searching and stumbling and collecting. Depending on how far you have wandered, you are asking your senses to come back to life and work. Find me that nice dry stick in the dead of night, keep me up right over these logs and rock. But the beauty i find in all of this is the adventure, you are all alone in black, separated from your group for just long enough to have a moment for yourself. Looking up at the starts, listening to the forest make sounds, and then walking back into what you might of missed, a joke, a great story, a serious moment, a hit off the J, a swig off the bottle. This is a moment i often have when i go camping and i really miss it. TL

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