Friday, December 16, 2011

California, how i miss you!

Moon Eyes was cool, loud, good people watching, lots of face tattoos and bigger people. Thanks to Matt at DICE for getting us in for free and taking us around.
We did grab the garbage truck for Chris, and stayed at his friends place in Culver City. JD put us up and made us breakfast, stand up guy!!! From Moon, we got lost on the 405 and went 40 miles the wrong direction. We ended up a few blocks from the street chopper release party, at a bar called the HOOK UP, cool bar, the owner is putting this insane trike times. Then it was a stop with our Canadian friend Kegan, and a great ride up Angle's Crest mountain, mexican food and beers to finish. Sat night was loading the garbage truck and more beers. Sunday was David Mann, and the swap. I bought this wicked springer a tank and some other shit. Trailer life, beers, 28 hours of driving 1 way. A visit with my mom's..xox.. a stop in Portland, more mexican food in Seattle and a bro visit. Ashley has puppys to play with at home and i am going to try to finish another triumph for born free....will post more.TL

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