Thursday, December 22, 2011

T100 Rear hoop

Decided to hack up my Triumph rear hoop and see if i could make it fit this old, bates tt style seat I had. I have always really liked this Triumph called the Grasshopper. It's a green Triumph pre unit with a bates tt seat, but the rear loop had been bent up into a sissybar/ passenger back rest. It's just a real nice touch and i wanted to elaborate on the idea. The frame for my bike is very narrow, and the rear loop really is alot wider then i would like. The tire has to travel up and down with the singarm, and at the same time, not bottom out on the underside of your seat, as well as not hitting things like your battery box and oil bag. I'm sure i will run into these problems down the road but for now, i just wanted to focus on making my frame fit my seat. I went at the rear shock mounts with a torch, melted the brazing away and separated the top loop from the downward support struts, that hold my swingarm in place. I need my swingarm to  land through the same holes in the frame as well as line up with the two outer support struts. The top of the shocks land on these, as well as the passenger foot peg mounts.
I took some flat stock and braced the support struts, so things would stay in place.
Next was a trip to metal supermarket, to get some 7/8 thick wall tubing. Trevor helped me get set up on hausfield pipe bender and i started making bends in pairs. We don't have a feed along die, for long radius bends, so i had to make a good amount of cuts and miters.
Tacked it all together, sides and rear loop, then tig welded it up...
Trying to figure out how I'm going to mount the new hoop to front frame loop????
Get a fucking grip!! Gettin the rear hoop straight, and doing some tack welds, just trying to line it all up, so it looks good and rides good! The seat looks real good on the new hoop, but i have to do a few more things before I'm at that stage. That's a week of work .......TL

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