Sunday, December 18, 2011

T100C swing arm

I have been working on this T100C motor and frame for a while now, made some progress this weekend.
I want to run a Harley drop center 16" rim, in a Triumph 500cc swing arm frame. I de-laced an 18" Triumph wheel, to use the hub, pressed in new bearings and laced it up to a Harley 16". The swing arm is designed for a 18" wheel and sense the 16" is much wider, it wants to rub on the swing arm when the axle in pushed all the way into the drop out (twards motor) of the swing arm. So after really fucking around for a few days, I had to make some spacers on the lathe. Bring the brake drum away from the hub, as well as space the sprocket that bolts onto the brake drum, in hopes that i will have enough clearance for the chain to not rub on the tire, and the tire to not rub on the swing arm. I had to make all new axle spacers on the lathe, and grind the shoulder off of my brake plate, so it did not hit the bolts that hold on the sprocket. Also when i laced this wheel, i had to dish the wheel away from the chain as much as possible. With all of this finished, i was still having clearance problems with my tire and swingarm. I just needed a 1/4 " so i cut into my swing arm today.

Sharpie, zip disc, flap wheel, then made a paper template, made a mini surf board out of 1/8" and tacked it on about 1" apart. I tig welded it up and did not get a photo, before i cleaned it up with the grinder, but it came out sweet!
Fun times....TL.

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