Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Samo had been working on a " rider of the year kinda trophy" or maby it's more about just outstanding effort in a riding season. What ever it embodies it's filthy! Potty is out of town at the moment, but we thought it would be a good idea to get the crew together (non official meeting) and present Potty with this trophy for out standing filthyizm. We all decided that this one of a kind filthy trophy, will stay within our filthy kingdom and be passed on at the end of each season. The back side of this work of art, will also have a plaque that has the riders name and type of award that has been bestowed.The filthy trophy also has a felt base( not pictured in the photos).
For the record the Bone was in close competition for this gem, but Chris being a new member and really pounding the km's to Ny and beyond, just squeezed by the Bone.
Presenting: Hootie, Sam one, Beauder, La pep, Goth
Mitch Hootie man's up and shows the shaved chest at last. I love the nobby tire, Hootie only rolls quality rubber and it shows. And our main motto: DIRT FIRST!
Not Pictured: Matte Black, Blurtis, Bone, Little Ty, Jeff C, Danamal, Thomas, El prez, Potty.

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