Saturday, December 17, 2011

David Mann

Ashley yelling.....will a knuckle ever be his!! I say yes, will just have to sell your house!
Rollie's goose neck pan with regular fuel tank and reserve located at the rear. Me and Ashley always buy shit off of Rollie. He is a old school choppper guy that lives in Northern California. He said next time we come down, we should stop by.
This old ford was running off of propane, and the gentleman was a Vietnam vet. He tried to sell Ashley a samurai sword and cornered me for a good 20 minutes, talking about dope in Canada, billy clubs, and fuel economy. I bought a Swedish para military back pack off of him, for enduro trips.
That knuckle was insane, looked like it had never been fired, duel linkert carbs, chrome everywhere, I think it won best knuckle. The wild triumph won best paint, and in person it did look really far out. I watched the owner start his bike up at the end of the show and we was a older guy, really did not fit the look of his bike, which made me like the bike and his paint job even more.
The knuckle on the bottom was so nice, no real shiney shit, just real clean, nice sissy bar and really liked the tank.
Good times TL.


  1. Cindy was nice to meet you as well. Nice photos on your bloggy, nice shot from the road. Ty