Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Finished up that 7/8th rear hoop to fit that 60's bates TT seat. Got the slugs into the lower legs, and trying to figure out what kind of connection I want to make to the rear section. Was waiting on this oil bag to see if it would work with the space between my rear tire and frame down tube. It did work but just looked bulky and out of place. I decided to hack up this old oil bag I had, it fits the width of the seat very nice, just need it to fit around that tire....Hacked up this old triumph cub rear fender, I got at a swap and massaged her into place. I really liked the rolled edge of the fender, I did not enjoy patching the holes with a mig welder for 3 hours, more work there still....here are a few flicks..TL


  1. Ty, that work on the rear loop is looking good with the TT seat, how's the swingarm working out? Pots

  2. Thats fender look Rad! Always loved the rib & rolled edge on those fenders. Nice work!

    1. I like those cub fenders, I'm supper happy with how that fender fit the rear hoop. Lots of clean up to do still, and that oil bag is going to look real nice, once I hack it to hell and make it fit.