Wednesday, February 8, 2012

sand probably tastes like dirt.

"it's a $160 ticket but you know what? i can't find my ticket book plus i hate writing tickets so, you have to listen to the lecture, first off you're driving like an asshole and your bike looks like shit...." ah man funny morning

practice for high noon scrable!

potty getting up from being ejected from his moto onto his face

dirt first!
                "dude, the dunes fucking destroys your bike"-potty



  1. Jamie told be about that cop talking to you. Said it was so funny when the cop told you your bike looked like a piece of shit! Did you explain to the cop that our motto is dirt first. I like how you guys had just gone to duffins donuts, and then boom, cop!

  2. I've had my share of run in's with "The Man" and that "Man" was half ass decent. Maybe because it was the day of the Lord "XTesus". The god was looking out for me and all my filthy friends that day, until I launched over the dune and ate a softball size ball of sand.

    Keep ridin' diiiirrrrtttttaaaaayyyyyyy!