Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jawa Tank

I just threw in the beach photo because I wish I was ocean side, having a hot rock rancho relaxo.
I got this old Jawa tank at a swap, it's an old dirt bike tank of some sort. The tank was designed to under mount to the top tube of your cycle, making the gas cap and pet cock (the way i wanted to mount the tank) flipped. I figured that if I could make the tunnel of the tank land into the top tube of the frame I'm working on. A few zip cuts and grinding and presto, gas cap is located on the other side and same for the pet cock. Still not sure if I'm going to run this tank, but wanted to see how it would look on the bike. This is an old photo, the frame has been changed quiet a bit sense this photo and the tank sits way to steep, but it gave me an idea. Another sunny day! TL

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