Tuesday, February 28, 2012

F-U TL Mock Up

I've been away on and off for a few months working in the mountains, I came home last week to a sweet new chopper project.  I have a 76' T motor and title that I bought a few years back from Disaster Dave.  Mitchi has a wonderful collection of cool old parts that were collecting dust, so he got to talking to old Reagan and they decided to get started on the mock up.  I brought up the front end, motor and front wheel last friday night and we got a rough idea where this project is heading.  Looks like a rolling death trap, just the way I like em'.  Stoked to get a paddle tire on this thing for The Next High Noon Scramble.  Potty Mouth


  1. O yea...xt chop...F me is right! ha

    1. Hey Potts, you should do a nakid pose on your new chop, show your lady what you are made of. We can make it the new header photo for the blogis. I heard gettin nakid is cool again? TL