Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This is Chris, Andrew, and Will, on my 1976 XT 500. This photos is from my stag this summer. That night was insane, we all climbed into this stump, we walked for hours, we layed in dirt for long periods of time, the trees looked like pixels and the stars we brighter then they had ever been.
The pic in the middle is of Andrew, just getting into the swing of the night, and this last photo had to be emailed to me... of the crew that night. My camera died just before i tried to take this photo, so i held up a lighter and grabbed a rock and told everyone i was going to take a picture using my rock camera. As i was about to take this photo with my rock camera, all my home boys arranged themselves in to the word i was about to get married, they must of thought it was a fitting word to spell out as they all layed in the dirt. Well aware my camera battery was dead, and that i was holding a rock, that i was going to use as a camera. I flicked the lighter a few times to resemble a flash effect and then told everyone i would be emailing it to them....and here it is, high as a kite photo taken with rock camera and lighter flash. I think Jess man took this photo...Best fucking night ever!!

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