Thursday, January 6, 2011


We went on a trip this summer and rode up the coquihalla, turned off after summit park and found the Kettle Valley Railway trailhead. This is a series of trails made using decommissioned railway lines. We struggled to find the right start to the trail and Andrew tried to ride across this big washout. On the way back across his bike slid 20 feet down the washout and it took all six of us to drag it out. I had just started riding my XT and was ready to get dirty in the woods but was worried that this was how difficult the whole trip would be. We regrouped had a beer, found the trail head and soon after that we were on our way. It was mostly easy riding on fast trails and we would ride for an hour and stop for a drink and a piss.

Ashley had heard a rumor about an old biker in on of the tiny towns that had an amazing old chopper so we tracked the old man down. turns out he lived across from the bar in this little town and was happy to let us look at his amazing bikes. We fed him some beer and heard some great stories and about the history of the two old chopped harleys, he drew us a super shit map for directions to a camping spot way up in the woods. We either got lost or the map was the ramblings of a madman but we ended up in a huge clear cut area and it was getting dark.  most of the dudes sleep in hammocks and this terrain would not work for them so we came up with a plan to split up acouple doubles i had and ride until we couldn't.

We ended up at this great spot and lit up a fire, ate some beef jerky and drank and drank sitting around the fire. Curtis wouldn't stop talking about el caminos and was waving around a machette so we sicked him on this big tree. We taunted him into cutting the tree down with his michette and told him there might be an el camino in it for him. Soon enough we all took turns on the tree and coaxed Andrew out of his hammock to deal the tree the final blow. its amazing how well evergreens burn.

we continued like this for another two days and  toured the area. too many stories to tell


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