Tuesday, January 11, 2011


"Freedom's just another word, for nothing left to loose."
Joni Mitchell


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  1. hello to all you filthy fuckers!

    i have been keeping an eye on your blog for some time now and i do enjoy watching your adventures (and antics),especially the videos, anything to do with riding in the dunes by the airport.as a kid growing up in ditchmond we used to ride those dunes as well,this is back in the 70's mind you.we have crossed paths at the local swap meets and you seem like a cool bunch of people, keep up the good work.i have a question, i need to replace the clutch in my 77 ironhead sportster but am not sure which product i might use,barnett seems to be the most common on e-bay but some reviews i have read are not very good including the kevlar coated,but i guess you'll find bad reviews for any product,should i pay the $$$ and go straight to harley?i ride this bike often and have dual sport tires on it as i at times love to spin the wheels in the dirt.any suggestions would be appreciated.thanx halibut.desrf3wq@gmail.com