Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Triumph T100R

I thought i would post a little motor work. I did this Triumph T100R, 1969 motor last year, and it was a blast. I threw a good chunk of cash at it, due to the fact it was missing so many little parts and it had not ran for some time. I thought of posting these photos today, because i just started in on another Triumph motor the other day. It's a 1970 T100C, pretty much the same motor as above. I had so many spare parts from my T100R motor, i wanted to do another one just to stay in the groove.
Wanted to say, that if you are doing a Triumph anything in the near future you need to get in touch with Al, at British Isle Cycles in Duncan B.C. Solid guy! He was a huge help and had most parts i needed in stock. He also would ship me parts via gray hound and would save me a ton on shipping, as well it's great to support business in B.C. I also went to British Italian, in Vancouver a good amount. They are not cheep, but i would roll in with my part numbers and they did have lots of small parts i needed in stock as well. They aint chatty but if you know your shit, they are cool enough.

Pulled the rockers off and the push rods had jumped, and scored some nice gouges in the boxes, pushrods replaced. The valves and guides were shot, as well as the valve springs...replaced. New seals and bushings for rocker spindals. Next came the barrels, they had been hanging around rusting with a .40 thou over boar. The rust had penetrated the cylinder side wall and was to deep to be honed, so the jugs got bored out to the next size up .60 thou. Had to get a new set of Hepolite piston and rings as well.Tappet blocks were woren out, as well as the lifters were pitted from cam lobes. Then went at the timing pinion gears, some of the left hand threads were hooped, those were tough to get off. Had to buy some specific tools. Then spun her around and started in on the primary, the primary chain had a few small chunks missing from some of the links, like it was about to snap! Had to replace the clutch friction plates, as well as the clutch center absorbers..had to make another tool for that one. Drive sprocket was shot, as well as the startor had been roughed up, and a few of the key ways were getting sloppy.
Then the rubber mallet came out and the cases got split, bearing replaced in the bottom end, as well as a few seals. Did the sludge trap, and replaced the bolt that holds your sludge trap in, with a hex bolt, way easier to extract for the next sludge trap cleaning. Before i replaced the bearings, i took most of my motor stuff to Chis, at Buff-it metal polishing in Poco. He did a great job and got my stuff back to me fast.
The tranny was a real bitch, my third gear was missing a few paws on it, they had been snapped off and floated around in my trans? My kick start paw, was mashed to hell from years of kicking, as well as my kickstart return spring, and return plate....replace all of these if you plan of riding your bike hard and kicking hard on that kickstart! Also replaced the needle bearing at the back of my trans, that holds your lay shaft in place. And replace your thrust washer, another important! I put my tranny in and out about 5 to 7 times, and i was getting so dam mad. It was because when you load your kickstart return spring and plate, with tension. Then you have to slide all the guts of your tranny into it's home. And when you go to put the trans cover on, it would put just enough pressure on that return plate, to throw the spring and have it so your kicker arm does not return to a upper position.
Any how my bike is on the road now and the motor above is in a running bike, and that feling is fucking amazing. When you build your bike from the ground up, wheels, frame fab, motor, and when it starts and you fucking roll it....that shit will blow your mind.

Will post the new motor im doing in a few, have a few bits to share. T.L.


  1. Thanks halibut, more motor stuff on the way. Getting my cams ground and re-plated, going to do a blurb on that process...T.L