Sunday, January 2, 2011

trip to tofino...4 deep!

I was broke and got some support from the club to go to tofino for the weekend. i was having (still am) electrical problems and was without a headlight or tail/brake light. We took the 7pm ferry and it was getting dark by the time we arrived on vancouver island. we rode into the dark and a couple hours in a cop lurked on us and when they pulled us over the two lead guys pulled over and two kept rolling. we rode for acouple hours and pulled off the main road to find a spot to camp out and found some old railroad tracks. Tall plants grew between the tracks and made it hard to ride in the dark but no bails. we camped and got drunk, making the most of a skipping rope and passed out. We skated all the parks met up with friends and got hooked up with a secret tofino camping spot. good times....jbone

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