Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Been busting ass on my bike still. Working on getting all my 1,000 triumph front end part together to make 1 good one. Thanks to Mother for the MCM fork covers...big help. Here is some pics of these shock mounts I'm working on.
I found a chunk of old hardened steel, I think it was for some type of tubing die. I went at it, and it was way to hard to weld, drill etc. So I liked the profile so much I decided to use it as a template and make some new mounts out of a new 2" chunk of mild steel. Cut the shape out with a grinder, then went at it on the mill. Tacked both pieces together, and drilled them out to 7/8, to fit my rear 7/8 hoop. Then used the end mill and made a nice 7/8 mitered fit, so when I hit a pot hole, my shocks won't bend my shock mounts. Top of the mounts are 2" then tapered down into 2 prongs that will wrap around the top shock bolt. Heading to the shop to clean all this stuff, then start tacking these mounts in place. I'm super excited to move on from the rear end. I cleaned the mounts up yesterday at the shop, but forgot to take pics. They look nice and round now, not so angular and bulky. TL

It won't look like a sport bike when I'm done .....I promise....!! TL

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