Sunday, March 11, 2012

BF BUILD.....oil bagger..few more pics..

I have been busting my ass on this bike for a while now. I bought some shit on ebay that turned up, and I was like rad, looks shit and does not fit. My oil bag was really holding me up because the tire clearance with this harley drop center 16" rim is really tight between the swing arm and the seat down tube, where an oil bag should mount. I was going to have to fit coils and a battery into this sapce and it was seeming impossible, so I bucked up and bought a magneto, really nice joe hunt, with an older cast mag body. So that solves my battery and coil mounting issues, now it was just the oil bag. I had an older hex oil bag that I wanted to use from day one but just knew how much work it would be, so I was trying to buy something that would fit. The rear section I made was not going to fit anything I would buy, so I pulled out the grinder and went at it. I hacked the old top mounts off, then estimated how much to take off the back of the bag, so the tire would not hit it when the shocks compresed.

So after this session, I had not really thought about my swing arm traveling up and down with the shocks, I guess my brain was still in rigid mode. I but the oil bag to clear the tire if the wheel was pushed all the way forward into the swing arm. That would of worked if I strutted this bike, but with a little up and down action from my swing arm I was back to square one......I waited a day and said ok...........I need to cut her up the grinder came back out...

So now the bag looks like this, still need to do some clean up, but I did mount it to the rear section yesterday, and weld on all the tabs and mounts, super stoked how it came out. Really happy with how that curve came out around the oil spickets. Don't have a photo in the bike, will post one tomorrow of the bag mounted and cleaned up. Also got the rear section plugged and welded in, I'm onto the shock mounts soon....more to come TL
Here are the last few photos, with the bag installed, still need to clean up, but you get the idea...