Monday, March 12, 2012

Make a long story; short......T-L shorty

Here is the top secret wizard documentation of T.L: MANS PAN.
It took way too long and the old man is killer slow and only works as he feels but when your the best; the people wait. Next year marks 50 years since he started with a WLC for $25 back on the east coast.
The father of the "alien" and Whalley O.G., the top chop: gus. First Andrews 55 pan, mitchis cone, potts 68, and now mr. Tizzle Lepizzle can say hes got a true GUS BUILT pan.
 I heard hes been staring at it every morning while sipping espress DD and eating oatmeal before heading to the shop to complete the amazing: "shit cloud rider" for born free 4 june 30th in cali. After we get back the Mans pan begins...............

Ps. Now the mans pan is done Gus and i have started working on my 1930 Harley 45 DL race bike motor. 
My completion goal is the same as old shit cloud rider, its a race but we finish together....filth mode forever. mitch-hootie

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  1. I have a brew with my motor every night, we just chat, it great!TL