Saturday, March 10, 2012


Sam hit me off with some jems the other day, that just made my ball's get stoked. Item one, Mitch hootie and the classic 78 XT back in the day when she was mint....way back ha! Item number 2, a long haired little bitch on a 1971 cb 500 honda, pin striped by "Boots", good times on that bike, glad I cut my hair and ditched those homo shades. The next photo still runs deep with Mitch un announced starting of the RD 400 by none other then Mr. Dylan D. We had a house party a while back, and this fucker just roasted one in our downs stairs kitchen. I think if Ashley didn't like Dylan he would of punched him out. But we all know that Hootie is just a big teddy bear at hart. Dylan win's this round, we fucked my house up that night! TL

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