Saturday, May 12, 2012


It's the weekend!! Yea!! I want someone to post up some shots of the season opener.....please...I'm would love to see some pics, I saw 11 dudes leaving Vancouver and no pics, Bone work your magic. I made some bars for the Shit cloud yesterday, thanks to Pottie for being my muscle behind the pipe bender. The 7/8 tubing I got was thick wall and totally overkill, but no match for Pottie. I came up with some simple rabbit ears, and am going to fill in the middle with some 1/4 in rod, so my bars match my rear sissy. Will post some photos soon.
**** HELP**** I need any old windscreen's people have. Don't need the hardware but I do want that old yellowed up plastic, and any trim, any gauge! I am going to make a custom windscreen for my bars and I want it to look old, If you guys have any old broken chunks of screen or a full screen please let me know! Thanks TL.
This was Born Free last year, a buch of great bikes were out!

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