Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This is Queen Bear and Andrew, at our swap table I beleive 4 years ago. I got back from Mexico on Friday at about 1am, went to sleep at 2:30 and got up at 5am to drive to Skadget for a swap meet. Me Ash and Tj drove down together, got a few gems and some junk. Tx Dennis, a buddy from Seattle sent Ash a text at about 9 am, it said missed you at the swap. Dennis had been at the swap in the morning, prob like 6am or some shit, and sent Ashley a photo of his van filled with all the good shit that he got at the swap. I was wondering where all the good shit TX's van. So the moral of the story is the early bird get the worm. Twassen (fuck the spelling) was cool, always cool to see the bro's, got a few things, nothing I needed but hey. Ashley took home the kitchen sink plus the bath tub. When a deal is spotted, can the man say no? He got some good scores, an Ariel modified springer front end for cheep, and the usual truck load of rubber. Atlin made a bunch of filthmode cookies and cleaned up as usual. Pot's got a nice straight leg HD frame, Thomas sold his heritage springer front end for a good price and Andrew seemed to be selling parts non stop. Matt sold some old triumph shit amd some XT-T shirts that fucking rule, if you don't have one yet buy one! Goth was in the house, Blurt was selling his custom seat talent, and the day flew by. Fuck you E bay swap meets are the best!


  1. Side note...Tweed your blog, life, speech and hair are just fucking mind blowing, keep being you!! TL

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