Sunday, May 6, 2012


I am missing the season opener to keep working on the shit cloud rider for born free. I am going against everything I stand for "DIRT FIRST" right now I'm on a deadline so it's pavement first till June 30th. I have not posted a progress shot in a while of my bike, lots of changes and it's finally starting to look like a bike.
I know most bikes at the show are just going to be shined to the tits and have all this show chrome, go fast kinda look to them, and sense I am doing a 500 triumph, I don't really land in that go fast category. When I started building this bike, I had 2 bikes that really blew my mind and gave me a lot of inspiration, the GRASSHOPPER pre unit triumph, great machine, flanders apes, mcm fork covers, has such a great tough stance. And the second bike is a yellow knuck that I saw when I was reading, Soul on Bikes, a book about the East Bay Dragons MC club from Oakland. This bike is soooo fucking bad ass, there is no caption, the glossary just said "east bay biker".
So with some direction I set out making my 1970 T100C Triumph. I wanted the bike to look very stock, even after heavy mods to the rear section. It also wanted the bike to ride 2 up, because taking your old lady out for a rip is always a good time.  So the bike is now coming together, I'm going to run a wind screen and just made this back rest/ sissy yesterday. It's starting to look like a tough, mini bagger. The rear sissy looks like it could of came off  a virago, but it just has a hint more style. I love it, from the side it kind of looks like a luggage rack, and from the back with the fish tail pipes, it screams, look at me wrong and I will slit your throat.
Here is a posse shot of the crew yesterday, and a few photos of what I did with the rest of my day.