Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ram Ron NOT for sale

Been hard at work custum fabricating on the old ramron when the Gus built knuckle chopper deal came about. My super sister stoked mitchi with some family loan $$$$$ to buy Ernie O.'s 1942 Knucklehead chopper built by gus from 75 until the mid 80s show bike scene. Less than a 100 miles since 88inched and dual carbed. This bike , the lawyers knuckle and the Alien drag bike.....Gus's best three bikes!!!
  Its been an emotional week from counting the cash with an 81 year old grandma, to hours of rustoration CLR the chrome, lots of chrome!!!! This bike was sent from the evil lord, mitchi sold his soul for this knuck, now i polish on my hands and knees til my fingers bleed.....but the old ramron feels so good. Garbage Truck 68 electraglide goes back to potts and sis, keeping RamRon as daily driver and show the Gus knuck on weekends...........all my dope chopper shits for sale now:::::::btw:
     the 42 chop hasnt surfaced in 25 years, Gus was killer stoked:" its band new". As is the day it was completed, carbs werent even sorted out, dual tills bro. Stroked GUS dual carb 88 inch knucklehead::::fuck yeah!!!!!!

      Gus found Ernies original tank at the clubhouse and so we took the knuck to james st. and got a couple picks with original tanks on it. One time shot coming up photoshoot with O.G.H.A..vts.////////mitchi/////////


  1. i thought you meant the tank was literally red and white

    1. WOW!!!! Great bike man, super stoked for you! Dreams do come true! Some solid Vancouver history with that bike. Those OG tanks are so mean, love em.