Monday, May 7, 2012

Chief Brown Trout is Missing

Little's Ty's 77' XT was stolen from his drivewayYesterday in Maple Ridge.  His T might not look like the best bike, but to him it's his second baby.  He has put a lot of love into that bike and is bummed to the Max that someone would be so shitty and steal his bike.  Anyone who knows LT understands how much that bike means to him, also for those who know LT, know how rad of a dude he is.  So spread the word and the photo's and hopefully together we can get his T back to him safe and sound!  If you see the bike just call the COPS, he has reported it stolen.

The bike is hard to miss with the works shocks, grey dessert tank, super trapp exhaust and a baby.

Also notice the duck tape special on the seat and the wear on the right hand case.

1 comment:

  1. We are all keeping our eyes peeled Ty. Ashley got his xt stolen a few years back and it turned up. Eyes are peeled man. TL