Monday, May 2, 2011

One Nut Wonder....

The rider came from the depths of hell and beyond. This is my friends bike, i won't mention his name because blog fame is below him. I will say this about my friend......he will always make the roll. Broken shit, wont work, wrong size, loose nuts, stripped bolts, he is a problem solver. Above, we have a photo of his bike parked in the lot at the Tsawwassen swap. Like your regular hard core mother fucker, he had started his swap day at Duffins donut's on Knight, and discovered that his rear wheel was missing an axle nut. Most would consider this a pretty big O SHIT kinda problem and try to remedy this situation asap, by hunting down a new nut. Or you can grab a fork, wrap it around your shock mount and make it to the swap. I will say this, don't fuck with a MAN WOLF!