Tuesday, May 17, 2011

rap shack solo scouting mish

I built this shack at my studio and turned it into a teenage boys dream room. A place to sneak away and listen to music your parents wouldn't let you listen to, smoke or drink or whatever and look at some large chested ladies of the night in a sticky porno you found. 

I built it using materials i found ,stole or had donated to me and i didn't use a measuring tape once. I ended up having little parties in the shack and listened to a shitload of rap. We crushed the whole inside of the shack with pens and markers with 90s rap references. This was fun because everyone remembered different groups and it looked really cool.

Now the idea was to build it in the studio and take it apart and take it to the woods and put it back together. Almost a clubhouse outpost, an almost cabin in the woods, the make out shack to take the babes away for the weekend. 

Its ready but i need a spot for it, close enough that you can get there in a couple hours, away from the shack wrecking yahooz, accessible year round and near a cool feature like lake,hotsprings ect. 

two weeks ago i went on my first scouting mission to squamish, up the elaho valley. Beautiful country but too many people and i want it on crown land not on native land.

the search continues.......


  1. what about squamish , or up manning park way ? i know that area real good . thee is alot of rad spots . there is a road up to ross lake that is crown land it is a long road right by the river , or if ya want year round id stay below the snow line aka anything past hope or squampton .........get some bc back roads books . "Mother"

  2. You should post a photo of the shack. TL.