Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sporty finished

I finally got Lisa's tank and fender mounted. The original tail light that came with her sporty looked horrible on the new fender that i bobbed, so i mounted up an old horse square tail light. I started in on this process and realized that her old tail light housed a computer chip board, that a entire wiring harness went to. The turn signals plugged into this, as well as the brake wires and then the wiring harness coming from the brain of her bike under the seat.Before i knew it, i had to re-solder 14 connections back into all these special clips, and run all this shit back from where it came, and hide it under her seat. The photo above is me giving this process the thumbs down. I had never worked on a new bike, this being a 2006 and it's fucking space age. Myk Rock did an amazing job as usual and I'm happy with how my old lady's bike came out. Wish i made that dirt trip! TL

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  1. hahahaha welcome to new "Dealer installed " bikes !