Monday, May 9, 2011


We met up at the coffee shop and ended up rolling 6 deep.
punkmatt, curt, jboner,tory, Will-i-am,and poppa-beau
We rolled up to furry creek, got some turns on this concrete bank and headed into the bush
On our way to Britannia curt got a flat! Our first flat on the trail and we are not prepared!  We bump into this dude on a camo quad with cammo boots and suit and he was...eastern turkish....we couldn't really understand him. He had a kit to fix flats but it was for a tubeless tire and tizzles run tubes. He proceeds to giggle and show beau and I photos on his phone, there is this amazing upclose flick of a bobcat. he killed it. and he showed us a dead bear photo, giggling it up.

Beau took a shit in a stump and let us throw rocks at him.....ok ok we just threw rocks

Will wrote a rap verse up a stump, near a dump

PunkMatt had a TUBE!! so curt attemped the 4 minute tire change.....45 minutes later he was done! Matt also had irons and a pump 

we arrived at the highway and rode this spot for a minute. here beau rides the fine line for his new baby!

25 seconds before this was taken 80 of tory was in that puddle. He trooped on and his bike started but was really wet.

We rode some single track trails through the woods. wet roots are a hazard! remember that! We rode way up some really rough trails and ended up turning back. We got stuck at one point and had to push acouple bikes through. it was hectic

Wills chain came off right when we got out of the bush and onto the service roads. It mangled his chain tensioner and though it got jammed and wedged on his front sprocket it didn't break the oil line right there. He took the sprocket off and put it back on and put the chain back on without being able to tighten it. And away we went but it came off again right away, breaking the master link in the process. He also notice that the bolt on the rear axel was stripped and just turned freely.
 Will want revenge 

curt and I took turns towing him out

Will left his bike in squamish and we went to a killer bbq place matt knew to get some ribs and shiit! Made the calls and will got a truck
leave the key in the T

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