Monday, May 16, 2011


Don't know about you, but when i wear a vest of any kind it takes me a few just to get the feel of it. In the beginning i always feel a bit off. I have never been a vest guy, more of a hoodie kinda guy. I have been sewing patches onto this vest i got 2 years ago, and i realize i never really wear it much. Which is a shame considering how much energy i have put into sewing all these way cool patches onto it. I rolled it to duffins the other day, gave it a nice break-in, with a golden shower of donut crumbs, that felt good.
I was thinking it would be cool if someone put together a web site of just rad old biker vest's. Your shit always seems alot cooler before you see some photo of some dude in the 70's doing what you were going for, but just doing it way better then you. It's great, i love it. It's all been done, and done again. This is why i think the vest, is cool. It's pretty hard to be hard core in this day and age, you will never be as hard core as some dude rolling in the 60's or 70's, you just can't, it's impossible! You have a cell phone or i phone, or gps, you just can't. Your vest gives you that slight edge, that safety blanket of filth. If you put your own touch onto your vest, it's like saying i might be a hard core mother fucker, i might not. Don't know where i was going with that.

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