Sunday, May 8, 2011


Will it happen, a camping session with more then a few bro's? Well i would like to say yes, but i feel with all this baby action our camping days like this photo above may be a thing of the past. I know that most of us are going to make a solid effort to get out and hit the dirt this year. Things are changing for all of us, kids, house, reno's, marriage, heavy scene. I was just thinking this morn, as i sip my coffee how fun it is when we all get together, i really miss it. I think sometimes it's hard to remember how rad it can be, or how easy it is to make an excuse. I know i have missed plenty of trips, that sounded amazing. I know every time i have said "sorry man, can't make it, just got too much shit going on." I know sometime that rings true, especially with a few of us that just had baby's. All i know is, that when i say i can't make it, i regret it every time. I see a photo or hear a story and i say in my head, fuck i could of been rolling.

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