Wednesday, May 18, 2011

not sure if anyone checks the blog

Calling all riders for a May long ride. Looking at a one nighter to start the season. We are a little concerned about snow but we have thought of a couple options.
a) harrison lake to the hotsprings or maybe to boston barr.
b)does anyone know if the duffy is still bogged down with snow? ashcroft could be fun
c)maybe toward hemlock

i would love any ideas

holler atta bone


  1. looks good, i checked a bunch of weather sites and its a GO!

  2. i check in here and if i had an enduro i would ride .. oh well

  3. you know what Mike.....thanks for the holler! lets find you an XT!

  4. OPTION D:

    Ride T's to Summerland. Have fun with us. Lots of fun. Rip singletrack trails. Party.