Thursday, March 1, 2012


So 2 weeks ago I hambergered my finger at work. Got it crunched between some steel and tore my finger nail right off, along with a good chunk of my finger. So I was down for about a week, as far as work goes or getting my finger into a glove (sensitiva). Boom, I'm back on the work train, working on this trumph and bam.  I was using my angle grinder cutting throught this old rusty shit oil bag and I placed a metal sliver, right into m eye ball. I did not feel it go in I just started to rub my eye like a bastard that night. Woke up in the morning...not good eye puffed out and crying like a mofo. Off to the walk in dice stuck in still, then to the emerg room, dug it out with this big needle, but said the metal (rusty oil bag metal) had left me a nice rust ring in my eye. Doc tryed grinding it out, no dice...pane last  night. This morning, eye specialist via...grinding my eye ball, got most of rust ring, round 3 of grinding tomorrow with doc again....the fucked part is that I was wearing eye protection. Take care of those peepers, Im drinking a beer with shades on right now, with no lights on in my house! Real cool guy style. Dean sent me a nice feel better photo...TL

Left eye Lopez 2012 TL


  1. Ty I'm sorry to hear of your rusty eye
    Just getting over a mashed finger
    Life is getting rough on a guy
    Don't stick your fingers where you wouldn't stick your dink
    Sometimes a safety squint is better than wearing glasses, you think?


    Naked me on a bike cool? No bueno. Get well

  2. I too have felt the wrath of that fuckin die grinder diggin at my eye ball after I got buck wild with the mig and melted some spatter in there. Still don't wear a face shield enough while grinding.

  3. Holy shit man.I got metal shavings in my eye and that sucked.I can only imagine how much that shit hurts.Hope you're good sooner than later.

  4. Everytime i get hurt in the shop it is the "angle grinder of death" Heal well T- slice . Ive been there Many times ! Even with eye protection ! Bounces off yer cheek up under into yer eye . !! I'll play some cory heart in your honour !

  5. yup had a similar deal grinding a seat in half and got metal in the eye on a thurs, right before a all weekend car swap . man I got wasted that weekend eye was dripping constantly had to wear sunglasses . then on the sunday doc dug it out never been more happy after walking out with a metal free eye ball. plus I made some good cake at the swap while people thought they were taking advantage of me..