Monday, February 21, 2011

it started as a "simple" tire change.... XT came out of it with a new tire, new chain, new front and rear sprocet, new brakepads and a new bulb in my brake light. Tory,Pete, Dean and my fith mode hommies all helped out and had parts around to hook a dog up!

Finaly got the old tire off and this new badass rubber on there, we struggled with it and couldn't get the last bit over the rim and wolfdick came over and did it solo.

the spot had four XT's with the back wheels off, and here wolfdick is doing sprockets and pottieboi is rebuilding his rear brake

The feeling of triumph was over whelming

In the "mock up" we realized the tire was way too wide and would hit my swing arm and the muffler. Some of the other crew members had this problem and just let the hot muffler melt the time where it makes contact.

After some beer and advice from the boys

I just took an inch off all the nobbs on both sides of the tire with an exacto knife till it stopped rubbing


ps Dean got some TT parts from the XT vault 


  1. Rad That tire was a fucking Bear !.......good times ...thanks for the parts!

  2. YA Bud, thanks for the help with the tire, i know you had tire fatigue!j-bone

  3. xactoly what i would have done.

  4. dude.......ty......lets session your T, leave the your T